Integrated urban development

With student projects and degree theses, the practical questions are also implemented in the educational field of the IZS.
This applies especially for the Master degrees in "Raumentwicklung und Naturressourcen" (Spatial Development and Natural Resource Management) and "Dienstleistungen"/Ecosystem Services of the Technical University of Dresden.

“Boulevard Königshufen”

A boulevard in a high-rise housing estate? As part of the module “Revitalising and Ecological Urban Redevelopment”, students in the winter semester 2017/2018 of the master’s programme “Spatial Development and Natural Resources” were asked to devise ways to revitalise the central axis of the large housing estate Königshufen in Görlitz and to increase the extent of urban green. The result was four designs presented to the municipal housing company KommWohnen Görlitz GmbH, which are intended to provide suggestions for the redesign.

source: Röthig / Schlender

Urban redevelopment matrix

Students in conversation with Herrn Menzel (Photo: Constanze Zöllter/ IÖR)

In the summer semester of 2017, students of the master’s programme “Spatial Development and Natural Resource Management” of the TU Dresden investigated the partly conflicting aims of revitalisation and monument protection in cities with historically valuable architecture. The starting point was the urban development matrix of Görlitz. Students were familiarised with this instrument by means of a series of lectures and an excursion. In the subsequent project work, they applied the knowledge gained about the instrument to another area of Görlitz and also investigated approaches to urban development and monument protection in other cities throughout Germany. The project was carried out in cooperation with the Office for Urban Development of the City of Görlitz.

source: Andresen / Gähler / Hayek / Richter

Competition: "future scenarios of a green City- green on narrow space"

Students of the Master programme "Spatial Development and Natural Resource Management" at the TU Dresden participated at the competition "future scenarios of a green City- green on narrow space" from the BBSR (Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development) during the winter semester 2016/2017.
Therefore for three conceptual areas in Berlin (Altstadt Spandau, Charlottenburg – Stuttgarter Platz, Lichtenberg – Frankfurter Allee) innovative and feasible ideas concerning the improvement of the green areas in densely built-up areas had to be proposed.

Green Space Development Concept Görlitz-Brautwiesenbogen   eine Menschengruppe steht im Vordergrund (die Rücken zum Fotograf), vor einem Gelände, und betrachtet die im Hintergrund stehenden Häuserreihe
f.l.t.r. At the site of the old freight station in Görlitz,Looking at the back of the street "Brautwiesenstraße", Succession areas on the unused railway land (Photos: Stefanie Rößler)

In summer 2016 students of the masters programme "Spatial Development and Natural Resource Management" at TU Dresden elaborate ideas for the urban development project "Brautwiesenbogen" in the city of Görlitz. In cooperation with the urban development department concepts and implementation approaches for a green and open space oriented urban development strategy for the western part of the inner city will be investigated. The project area is exemplary for the challenges of integrated urban development in small and medium-sized towns against the background of demographic and socio-economic changes.

Integrated urban development: Garden-City Görlitz-Königshufen
Görlitz-Königshufen (Photo: Stefanie Rößler)

In summer 2015 students of the masters programme "Spatial Development and Natural Resource Management" at TU Dresden elaborated the idea of the Garden-City Görlitz-Königshufen. In cooperation with the housing company KOMMWOHNEN GmbH approaches to deal with urban transformation and to implement the idea of a garden-city were developed.

Teaching in the master programme at the TU Dresden/International Institute Zittau (IHI)

Students of the master programme Project Management worked on a project in the city of Zittau in summer 2015. They developed innovative city walks in the character of scavenger hunt. The result is a game "Zittauer Stadtspaziergänge - spielend die Stadt entdecken!". The project has been done in close cooperation with the city administration and the tourist office.

Integrated urban development: Urban district development concept Görlitz-Weinhübel   Foto zeigt Straßenbahnhaltestelle in Görlitz-Weinhübel
Guided tour through Görlitz' old town. (Photo: S. Rößler)

Students of the masters programme "Spatial Development and Natural Resource Management" at TU Dresden worked on ideas for the development of the neigbourhood Görlitz-Weinhübel within a project seminar in 2014. Issues of urban transformation, the integration into the surrounding landscape, and future functions of the neighbourhood were elaborated in collaboration with the city of Görlitz’ department for urban development.