Photo: Ricardo Vigh/IOER-Media

Photo: Robert Knippschild/IOER-Media

Photo: Robert Knippschild/IOER-Media

13 -14 September 2019
Ecological and Revitalizing Urban Renewal
Topic: Testing the City – urban experiments as an instrument of urban development

Europastadt Görlitz/Zgorzelec | Schlesisches Museum zu Görlitz

Further information is available in German.

REVIVAL! receives award as flagship project

REVIVAL! successfully participated in the competition of flagship projects to implement the Common Future Vision for the German federal states and the Polish voivodeships along the German–Polish border.

For further information please refer to the German-Polish Portal for Regional Development / and to the project webpage

"Testing the City" - Around 150 interested people want to test the life in Görlitz

149 applications were received for the project "Testing the City - Living and Working in Görlitz". Since January 2019 the first of the selected families or individuals are coming to Görlitz. Until June 2020, a total of 54 households can test for four weeks whether they could consider moving to the City by the river Neisse. In addition to three apartments, the participants also have access to work spacs in Görlitz.