The building at Gottfried-Kiesow-Platz 1

Exterior view of the IZS (Photo: H. Hensel, IÖR-Media)

The facilities of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Ecological and Revitalizing Urban Transformation (IZS) are located between Peter's Church (Peterskirche) and the steward´s square (Vogtshof) in one of Görlitz’ oldest areas.

The first mention of houses in Krebsgasse in the city´s records is from the first half of 14th century. The historic usage of the building of Krebsgasse 7 (today Gottfried-Kiesow-Platz 1) can be traced back to the early 16th century. Until 1529 it housed the bell ringer’s office and it functioned as a Latin school between 1529 and 1565. In 1573, a boys´ school was established. Afterwards, the building served as the preacher’s residence until the middle of the 19th century. During the restoration works in 2001-02, well-preserved, coloured baroque beam ceilings were restored in 5 upper floor rooms. In another room a stuccoed ceiling from the 18th century was restored. The restoration was funded by the German Foundation for Monument Protection (Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz) and the urban development program for monument protection („Städtebaulicher Denkmalschutz“). Today´s facade complies with the simple, plain design of 1920 with Art Déco elements.
(Source: Frank Vater, Via Regia bookstore, Görlitz, municipality Görlitz - Conservation of Monuments and Historic Buildings Authority)

Since 2002 the building also houses the office of the registered association “Görlitz Training Center for Handcraft and Heritage Conservation.”

The square between Peter's Church (Peterskirche) and the steward´s square (Vogtshof) was renamed in memory and recognition of Gottfried Kiesow, an honorary citizen of  Görlitz and longstanding chairman of the German Foundation for Monument Protection.