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IZS Kick-off meeting

Ecological urban transformation in focus- IÖR and TU Dresden started a joined research in Görlitz

Questions about ecological urban transformation gain on importance. The "Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban an Regional Development" (IÖR) and the "Technical University of Dresden (TUD) are now focusing together on them. Therefore the "The Interdisciplinary Centre for Transformative Urban Regeneration" (IZS) was founded on the 20th of June in the year 2014.

"The question concerning the development of towns is more important than ever," said professor Bernhard Müller, director of the IÖR at the Kick-off meeting on the 20th of June. „Already today more than the half of the world population is living in towns. "An important goal -even from the German Federal Government - is to reach for more sustainability in towns", so Müller said. Therefore it is important, to keep and create existing Citys as attractive and worth living places. How the further development from the ecological point of view can take place, will be the centerpiece of the cooperation between the "Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development" and the "Technical University of Dresden".


The "Interdisciplinary Centre for Transformative Urban Regeneration" will address local and global questions.

The TUD will be represented in this cooperation by the International Institut Zittau (IHI Zittau). "This is a big chance because the IHI Zittau is highly qualified through regional competencies and also good contacts in the border areas", explained Müller. Professor Karl Lenz, the Vice- Rector of the TUD called the IZS in Görlitz a stroke of luck. "This cooperation is an important component for the networking of the Technical University of Dresden with extramural research institutes.

We are making a contribution to the lived DRESDEN-concept", emphasized Lenz with reference to the participation of the University at the "Exzellenzinitiative". It is also in the terms of the university development plan of Saxony 2020, highlighted Dr. Henry Hasenpflug, state secretary in the ministry of science in Saxony.

Special thanks gained professor Jürg Sulzer on the 20th of June. He ran the Görlitz Centre for Expertise in Urban Revitalization (Görlitz Kompetenzzentrum Revitalisierender Städtebau) until 2013. This center was founded as initiative from the "Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz" as a branch office of the TUD in the year 2004. The IZS is now continuing with those activities and enlarges the research field with the question of ecological urban transformation.

That this centre has a future in Görlitz, also pleases the Lord Major of Görlitz, Siegfried Deinege, and Michael Kretschmer, meber of the bundestag for the destrict Görlitz. "We are grateful, that the Science is settling in Görlitz and helps to enhance the reputation of the region in the world", said Kretschmer.

Siegfried Deinege is pleased for the students, "that come with an open mind to Görlitz and find answers to the questions of the urban transformation on site". The long-term relationship of the Centre with the City of Görlitz will be continued trough the IZS. This agreement has been ratified by the IÖR, TUD and the City of Görlitz.